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Why use us for your next Study tour?
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Why use us for your next Study tour?

All our tours are made-to-measure and uniquely created for you and will complement your course, lectures and reading materials.

We will design a programme suited to the age range, that blends educational visits with sightseeing, meeting local people and sampling local foods, creating a trip that is not “just another” study tour, but a fully comprehensive cultural experience!

• We have insight and understanding your requirements and will always work with you to meet your expectations. 
• With us you will never receive a computer-generated tour quotation.
• We will prepare the tour into its finest details, pre-empt any problems, and think with you to make your tour unforgettable.
• We have local knowledge and between the 3 team members, speak 4 European languages. Because of our extensive contacts, we can facilitate even the most esoteric requests.
• Whilst on tour, we offer a 24/7 telephone back-up in case of questions or unforeseen problems.
• We offer value for money!

With us, you will never be treated as a “number” and we will work with you to create the perfect tour.